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Dr. Armin Größlinger

University of Passau
Department of Informatics and Mathematics
Programming Group
Parcel address:   Universität Passau, Innstraße 33, 94032 Passau
Letter address:   Universität Passau, 94030 Passau
Phone:   +49(0)851/509-3073
Fax:   +49(0)851/509-3092
E-mail:   armin.groesslinger@uni-passau.de
OpenPGP key:   groesslinger-pubkey.asc

Research Interests:
  • Loop parallelization just in time
  • Loop parallelization in the polyhedron model and in more general models
  • Domain-specific languages and optimization
  • Virtual machines
  • Compilation and optimization techniques for general-purpose GPU computing (GPGPU)
Current Projects:
  • PolyJIT, just in time polyhedral loop parallelization
  • ExaStencils, advanced stencil-code engineering
  • Polly, a Polyhedral optimization framework for LLVM
  • CADGen, a loop code generator for semi-algebraic iteration sets (i.e., iteration sets bounded by polynomials in the variables and parameters) based on cylindrical algebraic decomposition.
Recent Academic Service:
  • SCOPES 2014 technical program committee member
  • HiStencils 2014 program co-chair
  • PDP 14 program committee member
  • IMPACT 2014 program committe member
  • M-SCOPES 2013 program committee member
  • DATE 2013 member of the Technical Program Committee for the Real-Time, Networked and Dependable Systems (E1) Track
  • IMPACT 2013 program co-chair
Teaching (in German):
Doctoral Thesis:
  • 2011 Preis für gute Lehre der Universität Passau, gestiftet von der Sparda-Bank Ostbayern e.G.
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  • 2010 Dissertationspreis der CommuniGate Kommunikationsservice GmbH
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